FAQ // Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register on OKAST ?

Everybody can : professionals as private individuals. You just need to own all the rights on the videos you want to monetize. Above all, you have to be motivated by creating a real business from you video contents, and ready to gather an interested audience around your projects.

What kind of contents can be uploaded ? Any forbidden ones ?

All kinds of premium or with added value contents : movies, short films, documentaries,  fictions, cartoons, web series, tutorials, performing arts …

We don’t accept :

  • Reproductions / extracts from video projects you don’t own the rights
  • Commercials
  • Pornographic contents
What are your prices ?

We have a price grid which is adapted to the evolutions of your project. The price is calculated according to your video storage needs and your audience. We also have a marketing option with our FlameFy solution to grow your audience.

Contact us at hello@okast.tv for more info or to get a cost estimate !

Do I need to sign a contract ?

No, you just need to accept our Terms and Conditions. For any specific and customized projects we can have a contract with special conditions (if needed).

Can I give access to free contents ?

You can decide to offer free contents with advertisement (AVOD) or to send free copies to some clients. You can also push free videos as trailers or stuff like that. We have flexible solutions to help you grow your audience, and your business.


Do you have any marketing tools ?

You will be able to use various tools : coupons, free trial, a newsletter tool, news updates, CRM tools.

In addition, with our FlameFy solution , we can provide you with solutions to grow your audience and to enhance automated retention.

Write us at hello@okast.tv to master our tools !

How are payouts working ? When ? Where ?

Each month, whatever the amount, you receive your revenues on your bank account, with our commission withdrawn. We don’t directly cash your sales because we are not allowed to. They are transferred on a Stripe account, our payment service provider.

Do you deal with collecting societies ?

No we don’t. Since we are a service provider, we don’t do payouts to these companies because they depend on their respective territories. But keep calm, we give you many information to make this process easier (e.g. sales and consumption reports).

Do you already have a client base ?

We are not a VOD platform so we are not offering contents to an existing audience. But, we can totally help you to build your very own audience. We can provide you with documentation to train/help you, advice or even a great tool to grow your audience with FlameFy.

Do you provide DRM ?

We have an advanced encryption standard (AES) video protection. In some cases we can provide DRM, keep in touch if you want to know more.

Can I upload 4K formats ?

For now, we don’t automatically take care of this type of encoding. You have to ask for it directly to us !

Do you provide a SLA ?

Yes we have a minimum 99,9% SLA (standard), possibly going up to 99,99%, depending on your contract type.

How are you different from Vimeo ?

On Vimeo, your contents are on a Vimeo branded page, with possibly some other creators contents or recommendations for similar artists on your own page.

On OKAST, you can create your very own video service with your brand (and only your brand). In addition, your clients don’t need to create an account beforehand, to buy your contents. And we also provide several innovative marketing tools and different monetization models (advertising, subscription, sale, renting…) that can be mixed together.

How are you different from Youtube ?

Youtube is a great network to be known and to grow your audience on. Nonetheless, you are pretty drawn in an ocean of other contents and creators. You don’t have access to your clients’ data (emails…). In addition, the monetization ads system needs a lot of views each month to generate significant revenues. OKAST helps you creating your branded video service and to provide a personalized and premium experience. Bonus : you are still owning the data of your audience.

Are you a VOD platform ?

OKAST is not a VOD platform but a service to create your own one. We don’t license your video rights and you manage the client experience and their data.