On your streaming platform or application, you can add sponsoring or self-promotion elements. This can be done:


1/ Clickable images => Display sponsoring 


Examples of use:

  • highlighting a sponsor that appears via clickable banners on your platform (logo, products)
  • promote your services or products on an external site (e-commerce store)
  • highlight your mobile or TV applications with a link to the stores
  • Display promotion banners with a coupon code or for a limited offer and link to the offer page of your platform

2/ Clickable advertisements or promotional videos => video sponsoring



Examples of use:

  • highlighting a sponsor who appears via billboard-style videos: “X presents”
  • create a pre-roll advertising campaign for a brand (product or service) at the beginning of all the videos on your platform
  • promote new content on your platform (Amazon Prime Video model) or live streaming event etc…
  • highlight your mobile applications or TV in video with a link to the stores

NOTE: The Sponsoring feature is not free.


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