The Offer Management > Users menu allows you to track your users’ activity.

First, you have a dashboard showing the key indicators related to your users for the current month:



  • Number of registered users in the current calendar month (since the 1st of the month) with a comparison to the previous month
  • Number of active users in the current calendar month
  • Number of users in trial period during the current calendar month if you have enabled this option
  • Number of unsubscribed users in the current calendar month.


Below you will have access to the list of all your users:

  • Users who have only created an account (“Registered“)
  • Users who have created an account and are currently subscribing to one of your offers, including free copies sent (“Active“)
  • Users who have created an account and then subscribed to an offer but are not active anymore, for example, because they have terminated their subscription (voluntarily or for non-payment), because the duration of the content rental is over, or because the free copy has expired (“Canceled“)


You can also:

  • Sort by date of registration or date of last profile update.
  • Filter by period
  • Download the list in excel format with all the information entered at registration (to add custom fields see this article)
  • Delete one or more users (viewing data will be kept but anonymized)

To delete a user, just move your mouse over the line and you will see a “gear” icon allowing you to edit or delete the user:


Then, it is possible to have more detailed information per user, by clicking on his name. You will then get access to the following information:

  • Personal information: first name, last name, email address, registration date, and time
  • Subscriptions: see current or past subscriptions
  • Rentals: all user’s TVOD purchases/rentals
  • Viewed contents: see all the contents viewed by a user over a period. With details on the viewing session duration and its completion rate.

You can download the list of viewing sessions for this user via the button:   


NOTE: If you want create or import new users, just read our article.

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