The Offer Management > Users menu allows you to track your users’ activity.

First, you have an overview of all your users:

  • Users who have only created an account (“Registered”)
  • Users who have created an account and are currently subscribing to one of your offers, including free copies sent (“Active”)
  • Users who have created an account and then subscribed to an offer but are not active anymore, for example, because they have terminated their subscription (voluntarily or for non-payment), because the duration of the content rental is over, or because the free copy has expired (“Canceled”)

You can also sort the list by registration date or by last update. And of course download the list in excel format.




Then, it is possible to have more detailed information per user, by clicking on his name. You will then get access to the following information:

  • Personal information: first name, last name, email address, registration date and time
  • Subscriptions: see current or past subscriptions
  • Rentals: all user’s TVOD purchases / rentals
  • Viewed contents: see all the contents viewed by a user over a period. With details on the viewing session duration and its completion rate.



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