Choose which mode of marketing: SALES / RENTAL or SUBSCRIPTION?


First and foremost, more precisely define your content:

• Is this a unique project ? Examples : film, fiction, medium-length, short, documentary, a series, a web series, artistic performance, show etc..?

• Is it a collection of different projects ? Examples: a collection of documentaries, short films, a thematic supply of horror etc…

In these 2 cases, we recommend that you create an offer of sale or rental.

of your content.

• Do you have a large content portfolio? Examples : a long catalog of films, short films (> 50 titles) etc…

Do you regularly produce content around a theme ? Exemples: tutorials, and vlogs, columns etc…

In these 2 cases, opt for an offer by monthly subscription.



Do one or more offers ?


Unique project :

If you have only one content around your project, it is simple, create only 1 offer. However, we recommend to offer additional content: making of bonus, backstage, interview, blogs, music video, strip her etc… This will allow you to make multiple offers, and to offer different price levels. For example:

• Offer 1: film (€3)

• Offer 2: film + making of (€5)

• Offer 3: film + making of + interview + soundtrack (€10)


Collection :

In the case of figure, several strategies. You can offer content individually, as a collection or 2! A few examples:

-For a series, you can sell each episode individually and/or an offer by season and/or an offer for all seasons!

-You can group different documentaries around a thematic offer, or you can choose unit sale.

-Or even a series of courses on video, at the meeting or in its entirety!

Be creative, our only advice: too much choice kills the choice, do not have more than 5 offers per site, for not “drown” your audience!


Offers by subscription :

You do not have a choice: you can do that an offer in which you integrate all the content you want.


What to choose between rent or sell ?


Here are the questions to ask:

-Would you like time limit on the provision of your content?

-Do you offer a viewing streaming or the final download of your content?

Renting allows access to your content for 72 hours at your hearing, and streaming only.

Sale, offer the ability to download content permanently, so a possible reading on all media, and offline (without Internet connection). Note: OKAST does not type DRM technology.



At what price level should I position my offer(s) ?


Once you have defined your content and your offers, must then set a price. A few tips:

• Offering several offers (when you can) allows to offer a wider range of prices, and thus to reach a wider audience.

• Use the ‘free gift’ option that allows your audience to give you more than the price offered, if they want to support you, in their own way. Note: the viewer can not give you less that the price fixed, you have therefore nothing to lose!

• Set a low price, because there are transaction fees to height of 0.50 cents per order.

• Below some examples of price levels, rental or sale, to inspire you, but each content is different, there is no mathematical rule. You are free to do whatever want you.

If you have an offer by subscription, the price can be very variable. You can take into account parameters such as the volume of available content, the frequency of renewal of the videos, exclusive, value added (educational, entertaining, informative…).

Our recommendation: if possible remain below prices that are on the market today, however, offer ‘Premium’ versions for your fans (with exclusives, bonuses etc…) can you better value.

And of course for any question relating to the implementation of your offer, contact us at