Congratulations, you have just created an account on OKAST! You are a few clicks away from creating a successful streaming or VOD platform, where to start? Here are the steps to follow to launch your platform quickly:


1- Create a project

Create your first project and configure it: url, header, footer, logo, google analytics etc…

➡️click  HERE to find out more


2- Upload & manage your content

It is time to put your contents online, whether they are “live” or “on demand”.

➡️To start with your content, go HERE

➡️ Don’t forget to fill in all people featured in your content via the casting menu.


3- Editorialize your video platform with Smartlists & Series

Your content is online, congratulations! You can now create playlists (=smartlists), categories (or sub-categories) or organize your content into series (with seasons and episodes).

➡️ To editorialize your platform with playlists or categories, it’s HERE.

➡️ To create series, read this article


4- Monetize: create one or several offers

It’s time to manage access to your content. Will they be accessible within a subscription? Would you like to offer rental? Or will be there accessible for free ? Do you need to create level of access for different categories of viewers?

➡️ To find out how to create one or more offers to monetize and control the access to your content, go HERE ➡️ For free content, it’s HERE


5- Fine-tune the design of your platform

Now you have to organize your pages the way you like. You want to add a carousel with your latest contents on the Home Page? A mosaic with your different categories? It’s easy with OKAST:

➡️ To create the elements (carrousels and mosaics) of your platform, it is HERE


6- Launch your platform and promote it

Check if your platform, content, smartlists, offers and elements are active
You are now ready to launch your platform! Feel free to take a look at our blog, we are adding resources to help you develop your business.