We have optimized the dialog on your page components to make it more dynamic and modern.

The dialog is a display option that allows your viewers to have more information about your content without having to click on it to open the content page. By holding the mouse over the content a bit, the content expands to show more information:

  • The short description
  • The year of production
  • Duration
  • The classification
  • A “Play” button to launch the video
  • A trailer button to launch the trailer



To activate the dialog you just have to go to Platform > Layout and then modify the component parameters (mosaic or carousel):


Before activating the dialog box, make sure you have filled in the information mentioned above (short description, year of production etc…) otherwise there will be no point in activating it.

Please note that if you do not activate the dialog box, we have added a movement effect on mouse-over to make the platform more dynamic (for components with more than 3 visible elements only):