OKAST offers a simple tool to organize and customize the components of your video platform (i.e the design). Note that your platform pages are organized by “components” (carousels or mosaics) that display smartlists.

The “platform” menu allows you to configure these components, for each of your pages.


1 – The Home Page

This is where you will organize the home page of your video platform. You can choose the type of components, their order, their parameters etc….

When you reach the Home menu, a screen lists all the components you have created and some information about them.


1 – The internal name of the component (visible only by you), along with the status of the component: in green it is activated and displayed online, in red it is deactivated.

2 – The smartlist to which it is attached, i.e. a component is used to display a smartlist (and only one). On the left, the colored dots indicate whether the smartlist is published or not. If the smartlist / series / audio playlist associated is not activated, the component will not be displayed.

3 – The image format that the component displays

4 – Its type: mosaic or carousel

5 – If it’s a dynamic smartlist (i.e. “My list” or “Resume watching”) there will be a special icon.


The list order of the components on this page determines the order on your home page. You can drag & drop to reorganize.


When you want to create a component, you have two options: A- create a carousel or B- create a mosaic


A – Carousel


Each component is customizable through several parameters:

1 – Release settings: you can choose a name for your component (for internal use). It will not be broadcast on your platform but will let you know what it refers to. The on/off button allows you to enable or disable the component on your platform.

2 – Type of component: mosaic or carousel.  The carousels are displayed contents on a single line with horizontal scroll. The mosaics display the contents one after the other with as many lines as necessary. Below an example of both, above a mosaic (sport) below a carousel (music)


3- Images format. You can choose to display the component contents in 4 different formats (16:6 banner format, 16:9 thumbnail format, 3:4 poster format or 1:1 square format). As an example, above, photos of the mosaic are in format 16/9 and the carousel displays a format of images in 3/4

4- Display parameters: you can choose to display or not the title of the smartlist (above the component), to display or not the title of each video (below each content), to choose if the carousel is circular (turns indefinitely or not), as well as to choose if the position of the navigation arrows (inside or outside the image) and if they are visible only when hovering

5- Number of elements displayed. Below is an example between 3 (top) and 5 (bottom) elements



6- Choose here the smartlist displayed by the component


B – Mosaic

You also have the choice with the mosaic, which is simpler and only composed of 4 parameters :


1 – Release settings

2 – Type of component

3 – Display parameters: by allowing to show the title of the smartlist attached to the component, the title of elements (contents or smartlists), and the dialog (the menu offering informations on the contents – see below)

4 – Name of the smartlist displayed by the component