Facebook Connect allows your users to log in or create an account in 1 click via their Facebook account.


To set up a Facebook login button on your platform, follow these steps:


1/ Create an account on https://developers.facebook.com/ 

Then click on the “Start” button:



At the end of the process, click on “create an application” and give it a name.


2/ Create a “Facebook Login” application

Choose Facebook Login and click on “Configure”.



3/ Set up your application

Click on Settings




Then fill in the following parameters:



For “valid OAuth redirection URIs” field, you must add the URL below (replace the brackets with the URL of your platform)

https://[url of your platform]/auth/facebook/callback

Also add the url of your platform in this field.

Finally, in the last (URI validator), you can add the same URL as above: https://[url of your platform]/auth/facebook/callback then click on Check URI.


4/ Modify the general settings of your application

Fill in the various fields requested with your personal information (do not use the ones in the example below, add your own domains, contact email, Privacy policy URL and Term of service URL)


Be sure to provide a privacy policy URL and a Terms of Service URL  otherwise you will not be able to validate the application.

Click on “Save Changes” then when everything is ok click on the “On” button to make your app Live:

Make a note of the device ID and the secret key, you will need it in the last step.


5/ Associate the Facebook Login application with your OKAST platform

Last step, go to OKAST editor in the settings of your platform, in the “Facebook Login” section, enter the device IDs and the secret key.

Go to the login and registration pages of your platform and check that everything works correctly.


If you have any questions, contact us on support@okast.tv