Do you want to reward loyal customers or send your content to influencers or journalists so that they relay your content? Focus on free copies.


What are free copies?

Free copies are time-limited access to specific content contained in a subscription or bundle offer.


How to send free copies?

Go to your back office in Offer Management > Free copies and click on Create a free copy:

Copie gratuite

You select the following information: the email address where the free copy will be sent, the language of the email that the person will receive, the selected offer (SVOD or Bundle), the duration of access in days and the expiration date of the token, i.e. the activation token for the free copy.

How do I track my free copies?

Once the free copy is sent, you can track your free copies.

Suivi des copies gratuites

You can then use this dashboard to track the free copies you have generated.

You will find the status of the free copy (Orange: Waiting for access activation, Green: Access activated, Red: Access expired, Grey: Access terminated), the sending email, the offer concerned, the free copy activation token number, the access duration as well as the modification date of the free copy.

Please note that the offers whose access is terminated cannot be modified anymore and that you can generate a new access email for the free copies waiting to be activated.

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