OKAST offers tools to analyze your unsubscribe rate and fight it:


1- Ask reasons of cancellation

OKAST allows you to ask your viewers reasons for unsubscribing thanks to a form popping up  when a user clicks on “unsubscribe”. You can decide to display a form like this one:

You can fully customize this form (questions, colors…). When ticked, the answer “Other” displays a dialog box where users can write text.


2- Analyse the results

Results of the form are displayed as a “radar graph”.

Each reason for unsubscription is represented by its percentage in relation to global unsubscriptions. Two time periods can be displayed simultaneously, allowing you to analyse a before-after impact for example.


3- Watch your volume of subscribers

A graph allows you to see the evolution of subscriptions according to the different offers on your platform. To find it, go to your FlameFy account in the “dashboard” category (you need a “white label” account).

This first is cumulative and allows you to see the evolution over a long period of time.  You have access to different statistics such as your churn (churn rate, here in red).


You can also display it in relative, which allows you to see the evolution each day in relation to each other.