On OKAST you can create platforms with different access models :

  • Free content available without registration (such as YouTube) – to set up free content, it’s in this article: Offer free video contents on your platform
  • Free content accessible after registration, i.e. the users can only access a content after creating an account (like Deezer)
  • Content accessible after a paywall i.e. rental, subscription (such as Netflix) – to configure paid offers, it is in this article: Manage offers & monetization

Of course, you can offer a mix of models on your platform, for example a free offer and then premium content accessible for a fee.

Here we will see how to configure content that can be accessed free of charge after registration.


Why create content accessible after registration? 

Creating this type of content allows you to collect email addresses to grow your audience. This data has a very high value, as it allows you to engage your users, build a community and eventually do some upsell.

If you want to know more about it, don’t hesitate to consult our blog article : Why and how to use emailing to promote your VOD offer or video content


How to add the contents in a “free contents registered” offer


⚠️ Warning: in order to redirect your viewer to the free content after registration, please make sure that you have previously activated the option “Ask your users to create an account or sign in prior to send them to the offer page” in the Platform > configuration menu, otherwise he will be redirected to the offer page immediately after registration.


Go to Offer Management > Free contents, then click on the free contents registered offer :



Select on the left side the content you want to offer for free after registration. And move them to the module on the right:



Once this is done, the free content will be recognizable on your platform via a small icon on the picture:



When not logged in users click to view this type of content, they will be redirected to the registration process.