With OKAST, it is possible to choose different currencies for your offers and thus monetize your video content worldwide.

How to set up different currencies for your SVOD or Bundle offers ?

In the Offer Management part of your back office, you can set up your offers (Price, Access or withdrawal duration, Trial period, Quality, Geo-blocking) and choose the currency you want.

Offer management

Please note that for the same offer, you cannot set up more than one currency.

If you wish to offer the same offer in two different currencies, you must duplicate your offer so that the two offers in the two different currencies can appear in your Offers page.

However, if you wish, you can offer different deals in different currencies:

Page d'offre

Our payment system is international and accepts almost all existing credit cards and we accept several foreign currencies in our system. However, if the currency you want is not active in the back office, please contact us at support@okast.tv and we will add it.

OKAST allows you to create multilingual services so no more excuses not to go conquer the world!


NB: taxes can be taken off depending of your clients’ country. Learn more about it in this article .