OKAST allows you to monetize your content very easily. To do this, you need to create one or more “offers” to which your customers will be able to subscribe or rent.

If you don’t want to monetize, then just offer only free content.

To create an offer it’s very simple, just click on the button

you can create several types of offers:

  • “Bundle” offers which allow you to rent one or more contents for a custom period
  • SVOD offers which allow you to offer one or more contents in exchange for a regular charge (monthly, quarterly, annual subscription, etc.).

In the Offer management page, you can edit different parameters:


1. Languages

You can create as many language versions (titles, descriptions…) of your offer as you wish

2. Title and description

You can give your offer a title and a description to explain more what it includes. The description field can be edited with enriched text: you can add formatting (bold, italic etc…), links or images.

3. Illustration

You can illustrate your offer with images. Today we have a 16:9 format but in the future, you will be able to display other formats.

4. Elements

Add here all the contents that will appear in your offer, via a drag and drop or via multiple additions with the “arrow” button.

5. Pricing

In this section, you can edit your monetization. Here are all the options available to set your prices:

  • Duration: in the case of a rental, this is your content availability period. You can set the period in days. In the case of a subscription, this is the recurrent payment period. You can choose between 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. To do this, click on the “+” to add a new tab and then determine the associated price for the chosen period.



  •  Quality: you can decide to offer different prices depending on the quality of the content. For example, you could have different prices for access to 4K content. Note: if you set a price for HD, your customers will have access to all SD and HD content. If you set a price for 4K your customers will have access to SD, HD and 4K content.
  • Currency: you can decide to display different currencies for different territories. To do this, click on the “+” tab on the right to add as many currencies as you want.

WARNING: for security reasons, it is no longer possible to change the price of a subscription once you have active subscribers on your offer.

    • if you have no currency activated:

your offer will be immediately deactivated and will not appear on the offer page

    • you cannot add more than one currency for the same offer in the same territories. For example, if you have a price in EUR and USD, then you must block the “EUR price offer” in the United States and the “USD price offer” in Europe. To do this, use the Geographic restriction button.
  • Geographic restriction: it allows you to set up the access countries of your offers and your different price variations (depending on the duration or currency). Very important: the geographical block is to be defined for each tab (duration or currency) you add. Make sure that over your different currencies and durations, your geographical block is consistent.
  • Trial period: if you choose the SVOD model (by subscription) you can choose to offer a trial period to your customers, for this you just have to set the desired number of days in the “free period” field.

Don’t forget to activate your offer so that it is visible on your page:

Note: if you disable an offer, it will disappear from your page but your subscribers will continue to be charged. You cannot delete an offer and unsubscribe all active subscribers from the editor portal. For this, please contact us directly.