OKAST allows you to monetize your content very easily. To do this, you need to create one or more “offers” to which your customers will be able to subscribe or rent.

If you don’t want to monetize, then just offer only free content.

In your back office, go to Offer Management > Subscriptions – Bundles:

you can create several types of offers:

  • “Bundle” offers which allow you to rent one or more contents for a custom period
  • “SVOD” allows you to offer one or more contents in exchange for a regular charge (monthly, quarterly, annual subscription, etc.).

On the Offer management page, you can edit different parameters:


1. Languages

You can create as many language versions (titles, descriptions…) of your offer as you wish


2. Title and description

You can give your offer a title and a description to explain more what it includes. The description field can be edited with rich text: you can add formatting (bold, italic, etc…), links, or images.


3. Display rank

For each of your offers, you can choose the ranking in which they are displayed in the offers page.


4. Images

You can add an image to your offer and one to your gift page. We display a 16:9 format for the image of your offer and a square format for your “gift” page.  If you activate the “gift” option, it will allow your users to offer the subscription offers you propose.


5. Elements

Add on the right panels all the contents that will be available to your users once they have subscribed or rent your offer, via a drag and drop or via multiple additions with the “arrow” button.

Do not forget each time you will create new content to add it to your offer right after so your users will get access to it.


6. Pricing

In this part you can edit your monetization. You can add for the same offer different price variants depending on the country, the device (platform or application). To create a new price offer, click on the “Add” button. You can add for the same offer by varying the parameters you want, such as the price or the billing period for example:

Then choose on which device you want to configure the price: on your web platform (choose “Okast”) or on the mobile in-app purchase option (choose Apple for IOS). The latter is only possible if you have taken the mobile application option.

Then, here are all the options you can set to determine your prices:


  • Billing period (SVOD) or access duration (Bundle): this is the period of recurring payments in the case of a subscription model (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months) or the duration of access to your content (in days) in the case of a rental.


  • Status: If the offer status is deactivated, your offer will be deactivated immediately and will no longer appear on the offer page. However, users may still have access to the contents of a deactivated offer if the billing period or access period has not expired. If you want users to no longer have access to an offer, go to Analysis Report > Users and select the user in question and in the “Subscriptions” section you can stop the user’s subscription at the end of the period or immediately.  If you want to unsubscribe all active subscribers directly, contact us at support@okast.tv.


  • Price: enter the price of your offer here.

CAUTION: for security reasons, it is no longer possible to change the price of a subscription once you have active subscribers on your offer.


  • Currency: choose the currency. If you want to create several offers with different currencies, you will have to create as many variants of your offer as currencies.

IMPORTANT: you cannot add several currencies for the same offer on the same territories. For example, if you have a price in EUR and USD, then you must block the offer in EUR for the USA & Canada (for example) and the offer in USD for Europe. To do this, use the Geographic blocking function (see below).


  • Donation: donations allow your users to give you more than the price you set. This will display a slider on your offer page allowing users to donate more during the checkout. Enable the button if you want to display this option on your platform.


  • Trial period: if you choose the SVOD model (by subscription) you can choose to offer a trial period to your customers, for this you just need to set the desired number of days in the trial period field.


  •  Quality: you can decide to offer different prices depending on the quality of the content offered. For example, you could have different prices for access to 4K content. Note: if you set a price for HD, your customers will have access to all SD and HD content. If you set a price for 4K your customers will have access to SD, HD, and 4K content. So if you don’t want to have different prices for different qualities, we recommend using 4K which by default includes all resolutions.


  • Geographical blocking: this allows you to set the availability of your offers by country. Very useful if you do not want your platform to be accessible in one or more countries for example. Geographic blocking also allows you to manage different prices and currencies in several countries. For example, you can offer a different price and currency in Brazil and the United States. In this case, you will have to make sure that the offer that includes the price and currency in Brazil is geo-blocked in the United States, and vice versa.


CAUTION: Don’t forget to activate your offer so that it is visible on your page:



Special case: in-app purchase for mobile applications

If you have subscribed to the mobile applications option, you can configure (for SVOD only) a purchase directly in the application thanks to the Apple and Google accounts. Attention: a fee of 15% if you generate less than 1 Million Euros of turnover/year (or 30% otherwise) is charged by the stores.

To add an in-app purchase offer:

  • Create a built-in purchase on the Apple developer account: see this article for more information. (Note: you can only create one for now until the application is submitted for the first time)


  • Once it’s done, go back to the back office and click on the “+ Add” button and choose Apple (for iPhones & iPads)

  • Configure the fields like a web offer. The price plan info must be the same between Apple and OKAST.
  • SKU id: fill in here the product id you defined when creating the in-app purchase on the developer account. Once all the information is filled in and the application is submitted to the store, your offers will appear directly in the application: