You can develop your platform through a dedicated iOS app that we help you develop to reach more people and improve the user experience.

First, please go on

Then you will need to choose between 2 types of account:

Account Type: Organization

Organizations enrolled in the Apple Developer Program can add an unlimited number of members to their organization’s team. All users receive access to App Store Connect and all other membership resources and membership benefits.

Organization: Team

  • Your company/brand name will be displayed below the app name in the App Store.
  • You can add us (OKAST) as admin, to help you publish the app
  • Users have their own login and limited access to your information.

The Apple Developer Program License Agreement allows you to distribute free apps on the App Store as part of the Apple Developer Program. Before you can sell apps or offer in-app purchases, the Account Holder must sign the Paid Applications Agreement, an addition to the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

To receive payments from Apple, you will also need to enter banking information and submit tax forms. App Store Connect will verify the information you provide.

Start your enrollment

Once your account is created you will have to enroll in the program ($99/yr): Click Join Apple Developer Program >Enroll >Start Your Enrollment.

If you want a specific program, check out the Apple Video Partner Program and the Apple Store Small Business Program to see if you qualify.


  • Give OKAST an access(Individual & Organization)
    •  App Store Connect. >Users & Access icon >Under People, click Add (+)
    • Enter: First: Dev – Last: App – Email:  – Roles: Admin – Apps: All Apps
    • Developer Resources: YES 

Create your application

Fill in the different fields:

    • Name: it will be the name of your app (please check that the name is not already used)
    • Platform: choose IOS
    • Primary Language: choose the main language of your app
    • Bundle ID
    • SKU: please provide any ID number your want for your app
    • Access: choose full access


  • Pricing and availability:

Choose “free” and if you need your app to be available only on specific territories, please choose from the menu “Availability”.


Once you have created the app, please inform us at, we will be in the position of delivering a first version of the app. Please note that it is only the first step. To have your app on the IOS store we then need to submit it officially.

Webmobile banner 

When your application is available, it is possible to add a banner on webmobile that leads directly to your application in the iOS store.

Note: this banner is available from Iphone 6.


Contact us at for any question.