1- Click “New project” 


A project = a site online in the form of the https://(projectname).okast.tv/#/

You can put for example the name of your company, the name of your thematic offer (Science, music etc…), your name etc…

Note : the name of the project will be the URL, spaces and special characters are not possible. For example : you can write “TheWorldTomorrow”.


2- Upload the content you want to sell within your project under “Contents”


Fill in all the fields, remember to also upload an illustration picture.

Once your contents are uploaded, you can move them to organize them : the content on the left will be the one highlighted on the site :

3- Create your offers in the ‘Offers’ tab


You can sell a unique content or a video package . Choose the content that will make your offer,  and the way you want to present it  (purchase or rental or both). For more information, see our help page to set up your offer.

For a better display on your site, organize your content, from the highest to the lowest, in order of importance (you can move the order of the offers with a simple drag and drop via the button):  


4- Choose a template in the “Site” tab


The “String” model is the most suitable for a catalog.

Many others are coming soon.



5- Sell !

Make sure your offers are selected (in the offers tab) : 

Make sure your site is active ( Storefront tab > settings) : 

Yayyyy congrats, your site is online ! Share the URL of your site with your family, friends, community, fans… Without forget social networks ! Use the “Promotion” tab to use our marketing tools and of course sign up on our blog to receive the best advice to build your audience.

For any question, advice, assistance, feel free to contact us on support@okast.tv !