You can create for your offers discount coupons.

Everything has to be configured from Your Stripe account:

> To do this, make you in the Promotion menu > Coupons.


> Create a new coupon by clicking on the following button:


Then choose your settings for the coupons:


Note: if you wish to apply a discount on a subscription (a discount every month), you must select in the filed “Duration” => “Multiple months”


IMPORTANT NOTE: the code that will be used by your viewers during the checkout is the one set in the “ID” field (and not in the “Name” field). For example, if you want to make a VOD20 code to offer a 20% discount, you will have to enter VOD20 in the “ID” field (in red).


Tips: you can share a link with coupon already inserted, use this URL: https://[platform URL]/subscribe/offers/offer/uuid/[coupon ID]

(uuid being the id code of your offer, see this article to see more)

Warning: the final price of your offer, after discount, must not be less than €0.50.