Let users who love your platform share their passion with their family and friends!

As soon as your SVOD offers are active, users can offer gift access to the person of their choice! You can activate this option at your convenience on your platform. By default it is activated, if you do not want to activate the option, contact us at hello@okast.tv.

To manage all gifts, go to the menu > offer management > gifts.


A – How do gifts work?

If you activate the gifts, your users can click on the text “Buy Gift” in the header to offer a subscription to the person of their choice in 3 steps:

Step 1 – He or she is first asked to create an account or identify himself or herself if he or she already has one. This step is crucial for him in order to receive confirmation of his payment. Even if he does not subscribe to an offer himself, he will be able to find the transaction in his profile menu.

Second step – Gift form: the user chooses the person (email address) to whom he/she sends the gift. It is possible to customize the message sent to the recipient, and of course to choose the date on which the subscription takes effect.


Third step – The user accesses the secure payment, then after payment, he or she receives a confirmation email.

When the date of sending the gift chosen by the sender is reached, the recipient receives an invitation email with the sender’s message, as well as a link to create his account and activate his or her gift.


B- Gift management from the Editor

For different reasons, you may have to look for a gift made by one of your users. You can use the search bar to do this: by entering the sender’s email address, the gift code, the name of the offer, or the date it was created. You can also use the filters: offer, creation date, gift period, gift status.

Each time a user offers access to a someone, a gift is generated in the table:

The information on each of these lines is (from left to right):

  • the status of the gift (see below)
  • the email address of the recipient of the gift
  • the offer of the gift
  • the activation code of the gift
  • the date of creation of the gift
  • the validity period of the gift
  • Status of gifts


Status of gifts:

 = gift on standby. A gift has been purchased, either the invitation email has not yet been sent to the recipient, or the email has been sent but the recipient has not yet activated it.
= gift expired. The gift was sent to the recipient, but the recipient did not use the activation code before it expired.
= gift activated. The recipient has validated his gift before the activation code.
= gift completed. The recipient of the gift has validated his gift, but he has reached the end of the access period.


C- In case of problems

If a user has not received the email or is unable to activate their gift, you can redirect them to the activation page, which is in the form:

URL of your platform]/subscribe/gift/activate

by giving him his activation code

If you have any questions, please contact us at hello@okast.tv