OKAST allows you to offer “Free Access” for your platform (for one or all of your contents) to people of your choice (influencers / journalists / friends / etc.).

To manage your free accesses, go to the “Free Access” menu of your editor.

Two actions are possible: create free access or manage already sent ones


A – Consult your Free Access



1 – Status :

  • Green or Enabled: Free Copy has been enabled and is still available
  • Orange or Pending: Free Copy has not yet been enabled but remains available
  • Red or Expired: Free Copy has never been enabled and is no longer available
  • Grey or Done: Free Copy has been enabled but is no longer available

2 – You will find here the email address of the Free Access recipient

3 – This column corresponds to the offer you sent an access to

Tip: if you want to give access to only one content, you can create an offer for example “Free access offer” (you can hide this offer on your platform, with the option “Hide offer”) and add the content in this offer

4 – This column gives the access code (token) to activate the Free Access offer

Tip: you can also print gift cards to offer these unique tokens

5 – This column shows the dates :

  • If there are two dates (example in 1st line) they correspond to the activation date AND the expiry date  for the free access
  • If there is only one (example in 4th line), it corresponds to the deadline to activate access before expiration (in case the status is “Pending” (see point below))

6 – Remaining Duration: number of days left before end of free access

7 – Update date of free accesses. By hovering “Pending” access (orange) you will have the possibility to send again the mail that the user will receive by clicking on. The button  allows you to edit the Free Access information (only the expiration date & email address)

8 – This is the button to create Free Copies

You have the possibility to sort the free copies thanks to the filters:

  • Email = click once on “email” and your free copies will be sorted alphabetically (email addresses from Z> A). Click a second time and they will be ranked from A to Z.
  • Offers = click once on “offers” and your free copies will be sorted alphabetically (Z> A offers). Click a second time and they will be ranked from A to Z.
  • Activation Dates = click once on “activation dates” and your free copies will be sorted by date (from newest to oldest) Click a second time and they will be sorted from oldest to newest .
  • Status = click “status” and choose a state to display only free copies with this status.
  • Free period = click on “free period” and your free copies will be classified from the largest to the smallest period of access. Click a second time and they will be ranked from the smallest to the largest period of access.

B- Create Free Access


When you want to create a free access, steps are:

1 – Enter here the email address of the person who will RECEIVE access

2 – Choose the language of the email that the person will receive

3 – Select the offer you wish to offer

4 – Select the length of the free period you want to offer

5 – Select the expiration date to activate access (if you do not want an end date simply select one very far)

6 – Once you have filled in all the necessary fields you can send it. Warning: The only information you will be able to edit after will be the activation expiration date.


C- Activate Free Access

Once the access is edited, the user will receive an email such as this one:




If he does not have an account on your site he will first go through a screen to create his account.

Then just click on the link and he will arrive on the page below :

The code will be pre-entered, simply click on “Access your contents” and his account will have access to the desired offer.