We make a point of honor to secure your contents. Here are a some technologies we are using to protect your videos :


1/ The AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) replaces the DES (Data Encryption Standard)

It allows you to secure your contents from unauthorized diffusions, hacking and redistribution by others, without affecting the playback of your videos !

How ? When playing a video, your computer collects a key permitting to decrypt its content and to correctly give it back to you. And TA-DAAA, you can watch your video in a very secure way !

Good to know –> Assuming that we can build a machine that could decipher a content with a DES key in one second (so that it can calculate 255 keys per second), then it would take another 149 thousand billion years to do the same with a key AES. To give a more concrete idea, the universe is 20 billion years old at the most.


2/ Encryption in HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)

It protects your videos in order to send them encrypted to mobile or fixed devices. HLS uses an AES encryption to protect your content and prevent it from being read by an unauthorized person.

How ? Each file segment is encrypted and can only be played if you provide the logins associated with the purchase of the video.

Good to know –> Must be used for long-tail videos (> 5Mo / 10mn)


3/ DRM (Digital Rights Management) (optional)

We can also add a DRM protection if you want it. Contact us for more info at hello@okast.tv

Nonetheless, before locking all your videos with a DRM system, don’t forget that the customer experience is primordial. You’ll look into this topic here (PUT LIIINK) and see why DRM is not always the solution !