1- Difference between delete and archive

Deleting content consists of permanently deleting it from the database and servers. All metadata will be deleted as well as the encoding streams. It is not possible to delete content on which there have been views or consumption data. In this case, you will need to use the archiving feature. The Delete feature can be used for example for content created by mistake or content that would never have been broadcast or viewed.

Archiving functionality is required for content that has associated consumption data (views or plays) and therefore cannot be deleted. In this case, the content will no longer be editable, the audio/video streams will be deleted and it will no longer be visible by default in the catalog. You will still be able to keep the history of consumption data of archived content.

⚠️ Warning: delete and archive are irreversible, you will no longer be able to edit, distribute or monetize the content on the platform. They will no longer be indexed in the search bar of your platform (on the viewer side).


2- How to delete or archive content on OKAST

It is important to note that you will not be able to delete or archive content if:

  • the content is being encoded
  • the content is activated
  • the content is in an offer (active or not)

To delete or archive content, first, go to the Content Management menu > Catalog. Then place your mouse cursor on the content you want to delete / archive. On the right you will see the icon :

by clicking on the gear icon you will then see the archiving and deletion options appear (if the content complies with the above conditions):

A pop-up will then ask you to confirm the action.


3- See archived content

In the menu Content Management > Catalog, a new status is available: Archived (black color)

By default, this status is not displayed, so you have to select it in the column filter to see the archived content.

Similarly, by default, the exports available in the Analysis Report menu do not include archived content, unless this status is explicitly filtered.

Please note: No notification will be sent to users when content is deleted. If they had added it to their custom playlist (or My List) for example, it will no longer be available.