When you log in to OKAST, you will arrive on the dashboard page. It gives you at a glance the main indicators of your platform activity:

1- The 3 main indicators

  • The number of registered users: this represents the number of people who have created an account to date.
  • Contents: the number of contents created.
  • The number of active offers: these are the number of offers that are currently available and displayed on your platform.


2- Encoding: this widget informs you of your current encoding credit.


3- Bandwidth: this widget informs you about your current bandwidth consumption.


4 – Viewers activity evolution 

  • The number of views on your content:


  • The evolution of your active users:

Here you can track the number of subscriptions, rentals, free accesses, gifts from your users. By default, the dashboard gives you the data since the beginning of the current month, but you can select another period. You can also display data on a particular offer, or a specific country. Feel free to also check or uncheck the databox you want to track in particular.



7- Countries views

You can view the number of viewing sessions per country. By hovering the mouse over a particular country, you will be able to see the number of views for the selected period, as well as details of free views (for content included in your free offers) or views from your paid offers.

Note: you can download the data by clicking on the button:



8 – Devices views

You can also have details of viewing sessions by device: TV, computer, game consoles, tablets or mobiles.

Note: you can download the data by clicking on the button: