Content is KING on your platform; learn how to highlight your videos using all the OKAST features!

To add and manage content on your platform, go to the menu Content Management and choose on of the two sub-menu Hosted content, Live content or External content. All your content is available (whatever the project), and you can easily find them through the search bar.


1. Creating/Managing Content

To add a hosted or live content, go to the dedicated tab in the Content Management section:

Example of the sub-menu Hosted content:

The counter   always informs you about the number of contents available and the remaining uploading credit (Quotas).

For exemple, to add new hosted content, click  on Create new hosted content  and choose the type of hosted content you want to create: live or audio.

Now, you are on the page of creation and management of a content. By default, your new content is called “new content”. This is an “internal” name that will not be visible to your platform viewers, but which allows you to more easily identify your content (by giving them, in addition to the title, a unique identifier for example). At any time, you can change this name by clicking édition then the “enter” key on your keyboard.


Directly to the right of the name is the status indicator of your content.

It could be :

Active = Your content is ready to go online, all required fields of the content page are well informed. If this content is included in an offer, it will be potentially visible to the subscribers of your platform.

Not available = Your content has no offer (free or paid) associated and/or no stream available

Disabled = Your content is disabled until you activate it with toggle. When it is OFF, this content can’t be available on your platform. When you want to bring it online, switch to ON and make sure that your content is part of an offer and is well transcoded.

NOTE: For Live Content, you have information on the day and time the live event starts and a label next to the book title indicates the status of the live event:

  • RED if the live is in progress
  • BLACK if the live is over


2. Upload and encoding

  • If you choose to create live video content, you got 2 sources options:
    • RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) source
    • SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) source

Read more in our dedicated article on how to create a live video.

3. Languages

If you want to display your content pages in several languages to your viewers, add new languages by clicking on nouvelle langue. You can choose a language that is displayed by default when your user’s browser is in a language other than those existing. To remove one of the languages, simply click on

Warning: this will only affect the language version of the content, but will permanently erase all translations already entered in this language! If you delete a language inadvertently, the translations will be lost, even if you have not yet clicked on the “save” button.


4. Descriptions

Unlike the “internal name” of your content, the titles you specify will be visible to viewers. They are displayed on the page of the content, but also potentially below a smartlist thumbnails (on the homepage for example).

The friendly URL is automatically generated from the title given to the content with dashes between each month. This URL will be the one of the content on the platform. You can leave this field empty and a URL will be generated.

Even if you have chosen multiple languages, you can leave an empty field (except for the default language). In this case, the translation of the default language will be displayed. For example, you can freely choose to add “Spanish” as an additional translation for the page of your content, and leave the Spanish description empty -> Spanish users will see the content description in the default language.

Short descriptions are displayed on the * dialog (below) to give a preview of a content. They must not exceed 500 characters.

Long descriptions are visible when the viewer goes to the content page. Whether for short or long descriptions, our text editor allows you to enrich it (adding hypertext links, formatting, etc.). Find all the possibilities in the article “rich text editor“.


5. Illustrations

  • The illustrations of your content are among the most important elements of your platform. You have the option to display specific pictures per languages. But if you want the same picture for all languages, just upload pictures on the default language.
  • Depending on your  design customization (in platform> layout), different formats can be displayed: banner, 16/9, poster, square.
  • Caution: Respect the maximum limit of 8Mo (total size for all images). For example: if you want to display 4 different pictures formats in 2 languages, you should upload 8 illustrations (so each one should not exceed 1Mo).
  • If you do not have appropriate artwork, you can upload an image that will be automatically resized by our system.

Note:  we encode 3 formats for each of your illustrations (low, medium, and HD quality) to guarantee the best experience to your viewers regardless of their connection and support.


6. Production year, Duration, Duration type Trailer

  • Production year: Pick the year of your choice in the drop-down menu
  • Duration: only for hosted content
  • Duration type: you can choose between <26′, 26′, 52′, 90′, >90′
  • Trailer: you can add a trailer to your content by choosing between your contents in the drop-down menu


7. Cast & Crew

  • You can add different kind of credits in each content and with different kind of roles (actors, directors, etc) by picking in the drop-down menu including all the cast & crew you have created in the dedicated tab
  • You can use a drag and drop system to reorganize the display order of the cast & crew on your platform

More info about the Cast & Crew:

8. Other metadata

  • Category of your content will not be displayed on your platform but will help the content recommendation algorithm and the search page of your platform
  • Classification (which can be assimilated to the genre) will be visible by the platform users and will also feed the content recommendation algorithm and the search page of your platform
  • Type:
  • Format: choose the format of your content between Collection, Feature Film, Mini-series, One off, Serie, Short film, Short program
  • Theme
  • Targeted audience: Choose between All audiences, Adult, Kids, Preschool, Teens
  • Keywords can be added to enrich the description of a content and will also help the content recommendation algorithm and the search page


9. Languages of title

  • Nationality: choose in which nationalities your content is available
  • Original version: choose one original version in the drop-down menu
  • Available version: choose in which languages your content is available


10. Copyright

Fill in the copyright of each of your contents here.


11. Restrictions

To respect your licensing rights, or simply to schedule your content on your platform, you have the option to block your contents in some countries AND/OR within a time period OR a commercialization period.

  • Geographic restriction: enable geographical restrictions on the territories for which content is allowed or blocked

  • Availability period: set a start and end date or only a start date for a given content and the content URL will only be available inside of this time window

  • Commercialization period: set a start and end date or only a start date for a given content and the content stream will only be available inside the commercialization window. When the marketing date is over, the content is no longer accessible on the platform.

NOTE: Don’t put the same windows for the availability period and the commercialization one and be sure that these windows don’t come into conflict. For example, that the availability period is shorter that the commercialization one.


12. Smartlists and Offers

At the bottom, it is specified in which smartlists is the content and for which paid or free offers this content is available. If it is a new content obviously, it will not be in any offer, so nothing will be displayed.

13. Variables 

The variables are linked to the setting of widgets on your platform. For more information, read our dedicated article.


Warning: creating and saving a new content does not necessarily imply that it will be directly accessible or visible to viewers on the platform.

To be accessible to viewers, your content must be active (i.e : fully encoded streams + mandatory information content page filled + no current time restriction + included in an active offer). In this case the content will be accessible via the search, via the URL of his page, or via the casting if he is informed.


To display it to your platform , it must be active AND belong to at least one smartlist, itself attached to an active component.