You have the possibility to create external content in your back office and make it available on your platform.


What is external content?

External content is content that is not encoded and stored in your back office but that will allow the addition of an external player on your platform.

How to create external content?

In Content management > External content :

You have the choice between two types of sources for external content:

WARNING: Once a source has been chosen and filled in, it is impossible to change it.

  • Stream : in this case, you already have a live stream hosted and associated to a CDN, you just want to broadcast it in the video player. You just have to copy and paste the URL of the stream in HLS format and check that the broadcast works correctly when you click on “Display the video”.

  • External: you have to choose among 4 external platforms (Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, Arte) then fill in the source ID or the URL of the video on the selected platform

You can then find your different STREAM and EXTERNAL content in your catalog:

The EXTERNAL contents have a dedicated icon according to the chosen platform.


How is external content displayed on your platform?

  • Source Stream : the content will be displayed in the usual video player.
  • External source: the content will be integrated into the page in the following way:


Please note:  regarding autoplay on External videos, it depends on the browser used and the platform.

For example, Chrome tries to forbid autoplay on External videos. For more information:

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