With Android apps, you can buy additional content or services within the app. Through “subscriptions”, you can launch “in-app purchases.” How to create an in-app purchase (IAP) with Google ?


⚠️  Before configuring your in-app purchases and subscriptions you must have done the following steps:

I. Check that you have given access as owner to devapp@flamefy.com, provided the JSON file and that you developer account is well connected to the account (check this article for further information).

II. Check that you have connected access point to notifications between Google Play and OKAST.


Creation of your in-app purchases and subscriptions from Google Play Developper Console

1 – Go to your Google Play Developer Console developer account and select your application.

2 – Set up a payment profile in order to create a in-app product. Just follow the following procedure on Configuration > Payment settings: Create a payments profile

3 – Access to the Subscriptions page (Monetise > Subscriptions).

  • Open the Play Console then go the page Subscriptions (Monetize > Products > Subscriptions). Don’t click on In-app products (unless you are creating IAP products for TVOD)
  • Click on Create subscription

Enter your subscription details.

  • Product ID: The product ID must start with a number or lowercase letter, and can also contain underscores (_), and periods (.), and can have up to 40 characters.
  • Name: A short name for your subscription of up to 55 characters. Users will see this in emails and the subscription center.
    • You, as a developer, must be transparent about any subscription services or content you offer within your app.
    • Your subscription name must accurately reflect your offer. For example, don’t name your subscription “Free Trial.”

Click Edit subscription details to view and edit the “Subscription details” page. You have the option to add more information here

  • Next to “Benefits,” Click + Add benefit and enter a description of a feature of your subscription. You can add up to 4 benefits (up to 40 characters each).
    • Benefits should highlight the features to give users a better idea of what your subscription offers, like “Full catalog of TV shows and movies.”
    • Since not all users will be eligible for a promotional price or free trial, the benefit should not mention free trial or price, for example “Try 7 days free” is not allowed.
  • Next to “Description,”  enter an optional description for your subscription. This is for your own internal use; it is not shown to users on Google Play.

You may need to provide information about the product that you’re distributing for consumer law or tax purposes. If so, scroll to the “Tax and compliance” section and click Manage settings.  Learn more about tax and compliance settings.


Click Add base plan.

  • Enter a base plan ID. The base plan ID must be unique for your app, and it can’t be changed or reused after it’s been created.
  • Choose the renewal type:
    • Auto-renewing: Automatically renews unless canceled by the user.
    • Prepaid: Users will need to make a manual payment to extend their plan.

If you’re creating an auto-renewing base plan, define the following:

    • Billing period: Select the duration of the subscription entitlement.
    • Grace period: Select the duration for which users will retain access to subscription benefits while they’re asked to fix their payment issue if auto-renewing charges fail. Any offers you add to this base plan will always inherit this grace period length.
    • Billing plan and offer changes: Choose how to apply any remaining paid days when users change offers
    • Resubscribe: Allow (or don’t allow) users to resubscribe from the Google Play Store after their subscription has been canceled or expired.

If you’re creating a prepaid base plan, define the following:

    • Duration: Select the duration of the subscription entitlement.
    • Allow extension: Allow users to extend the duration from the Google Play Store

At the top right of the “Price and availability” section, click Manage country / region availability. to select the locations your base plan will be available.


Users can only purchase your subscriptions in the regions where your base plan is available. The user’s Google Play country is used to determine which base plans are available to them.

If you choose to make your subscription base plan available in “New countries/regions,” when Google adds support for a new buyer currency in a country where you already distribute your app, we’ll automatically make your base plan available too. Learn more about offering apps in multiple currencies.

After you’ve made your selections, click Apply.

To activate the base plan:

    • Click on Save + Click on Activate to activate the subscription you have created.
      • To be available for purchase, a product must be active and its application must be published.
      • If you use a test account, active articles are available in unpublished applications.
    • To test your in-app purchases and the billing part, you can set up application licensing.


Set up of the IAP on your back office

Finally, you will also have to set up the pricing plan of the applications in the OKAST editor: Offer management > Subscriptions / Packs. For more information, read our article on Manage Offers & Monetization.


Contact us at hello@okast.tv for any questions.