To offer in-app purchases inside your app, you must add in-app purchase information to your app in App Store Connect.


To sell your apps or offer in-app purchases, the Account Holder user must sign the Paid Applications Agreement.

Sign a paid agreement

  1. From the home page, click Agreements, Tax, and Banking.
  2. In the Agreements section, find the Paid Applications Agreement, then click View Terms and Agree to accept the terms.
  3. Verify your legal entity information is correct in the dialog, then click Add. Enter the same information that you provided when you enrolled in the Apple Developer Program.
  4. Read and accept the terms, then click Agree. You can also download a copy of the agreement.


Create an in-app purchase

1- First, go to your Apple developer account the, select your application

2- In the “In-app Purchases” menu, click on Manage and then on the “+” button


3- Choose “Auto-Renewable Subscription” for SVOD offers and choose “Non-Renwewing Subscription” for TVOD ones.



4- Add a name for your plan (Reference Name). Ideally, choose an evocative name in the language covered by the geographical area of your offer.

For the product ID, choose a unique code of your choice. You will have to fill it in when you create the offer in the OKAST Editor (SKU id fields)



5- If this is your first configuration you will have the option to create a subscription group. A subscription group consists of subscriptions with different access levels, prices, and durations, so that users can choose the option that best suits their needs. Since users can only purchase one subscription at a time within a group, creating a single group is the best practice for most applications, as it prevents users from accidentally purchasing multiple subscriptions.

6- Click on the “Create” button

7 – Finalize the settings for your integrated purchase such as subscription duration, price, and languages. For the duration of the subscription, select 1 or 12 months.



How to set up a free period for your integrated purchase subscription?

You can add a free period to your subscription, for that in the section “Subscription price”, click on the “+” button


Choose the countries concerned, the dates of availability of this offer, then choose “Free” and finally set the duration of the trial period:


Click on “Done” to finalize your trial period. If you have more than one offer you will have to start the process again for the different offers.

Where to connect the notification access points between Apple Store Connect and OKAST for in-app purchases (IAP)?

In your account and on the application in question, enter the URL provided in the Production Server URL. If you don’t have it, send us a request at


Finally, you will also have to set up the pricing plan of the applications in the OKAST editor: Offer management > Subscriptions / Bundle (see this article for setting up)