A “friendly URL” is a URL that is easy to read and includes words that describe the content of a page.

Setting up this type of URL is “friendly” in two ways: by helping visitors navigate your site and by helping describe the page to search engines. You can now create them for the pages of your platform.

Which pages can have a friendly URL?

  • For all content created on your platform, you can decide to create a friendly URL:
    • Hosted content (video, audio)
    • Live content (video, audio)
    • Smartlists
    • Series
    • Audio playlists
  • For castings

How to create friendly URLs?

In the back office, when creating content, you must give it a title that will appear on the platform.

The friendly URL will then automatically take the title of the content by putting dashes between each word.

Nevertheless, you also have the possibility, following this automatic generation, to edit the friendly URL as you wish:

Rendering on the platform:

NOTE: If the friendly URL already exists, an error message will indicate this when saving.

Are friendly URLs mandatory?

No, if you don’t want to set up a friendly URL for a page, just leave the corresponding field empty. In this case, the URL will be formed with the UUID of the content, i.e. its unique identifier which is a sequence of letters and numbers.

In the back office :

On the platform:

With friendly URLs, the user experience and the description for search engines are improved and simplified.

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