On OKAST you can choose the way your users can register on the platform.

On your platform header, there are 2 buttons on the “user profile” section:

  • A login button (for your users who already have an account created): “Sign in”
  • The main action button: it allows you to redirect your users either to your offer page “Subscribe” or “Rent” (if you have paid offers) or to the account creation page “Register”. Note that if your user is already logged in they will see a button “Change offers”.



You can decide which account creation process you want to offer, via the menu Platform > Configuration 

If you want to redirect your users to the offer page before they create their account, and therefore add a “Register” button, choose the first option.

Note: this option is interesting if you have a premium paid platform, with an aggressive acquisition strategy. This way, you send your users directly to the offer page with less friction. We recommend this option specifically if your brand or contents are popular.

If you want to dissociate the creation of the account from the selection of a paid offer, and therefore display the “Register” button, choose the second option. Your users will then be directed to the account creation page. At the end of the registration process the user will not be redirected to your offer page.

Note: this option is relevant if you have free content or a multi-phase acquisition strategy. They can first start to create an account on your platform, become familiar with your platform, maybe watch some free contents. You can then retarget those users who have created accounts, and promote some premium offers.

⚠️ Note: if you make a strategy based on free content after registration you must choose this option, otherwise your users will be sent back to the offer page after registration, and not to the content.