Smartlists are not just playlists, they are really smart! They can be automatic and dynamic!

You can create several types of automatic smartlists:


  • My List:

Your viewers can save content to their own list…


… and watch them later !



  • Resume watching

Your viewers can continue watching content they have stopped. This feature is activated as soon as a video has been viewed for more than 10 seconds.



How to create automatic smartlists?

Go to Platform > Layout > HomePage 

Then create a new component (carrousel or mosaic, as you wish)

At the very bottom, in “Data source type” choose: “My List” to create the component that will display the contents selected by the user OR “Resume watching” to create the component that will display the list of videos currently being watched :

My list and Resume watching


Note: these smartlists are dynamic, so if no content is added to “my list” or if no content is being watched, then the components will not be displayed on your platform.

For the “Recommended” datasource type, you can read our article about the algorithm of personalized recommendation.

In the editor portal, you will distinguish between standard components and components displaying automatic smartlists thanks to the following icons:

For do the final activation of the “My list” feature”,  you need to activate it on the layout of your plaform in your back office:

Header & Footer > Header > Categories > My List  


Please note: you cannot display ‘My List’ in the Header at the same time as ‘Browse’. My List’ will automatically appear in the ‘Browse’ drop-down menu.