On OKAST you can showcase ad formats to display advertising or just self-promote your platform.

The particularities of these formats:

  • they are “editorial” (thumbnails or banners) directly integrated into the elements of your platform (carousels or banners).
  • they redirect to the URL of your choice (within your platform or to an external site).

For example, you can create banners in your main carousel to highlight an offer and send back to it using the feature Create a link to a specific offer

or add 16:9 thumbnails to a playlist to invite your users to download your mobile application. Of course, you can also make a “brand content” format by integrating content from external brands or partners, which would redirect to external sites (this works very well in duo with the sponsorship feature)

To create a “display” element:

Go to the Advertising > Display menu, then click on the button to create a new display element :

Then fill in the different fields:

  • Title: The title that will be displayed under the element in your platform
  • URL link during Clicking: the link to redirect to when a user clicks on the picture
  • Open the link in a new tab: if you want the browser to open a new tab when you click, enable this option
  • The image: the picture that will appear on your platform
  • Geographical and temporal restrictions, if you want to limit the display of these formats geographically or over time

Finally, once created, your formats will appear as content, you can then insert them into your smartlists:



This feature is a premium feature, to access it contact us at hello@okast.tv

👋 You can test all our “front end” functionalities on our demo platform accessible here: https://demo.okast.tv/