We have created the “sponsorship” mode to allow you to broadcast promotional formats before, during and after your video content.

These short formats (less than 60 seconds) allow you to upload promotional videos with clickable links. They are particularly useful for:

  • Sponsorship agreements with a brand. You can then broadcast advertising content before, during or after one or more contents, and send your users to an external site;
  • Self-promotion: in this case you can add a video format that will refer to another of your content (as Amazon Prime Video does before the start of a video) or another of your offers (create a trailer for your service that refers to the subscription page of your platform for example);

To set up a sponsorship campaign, go to the Advertising > Sponsorship menu and create a new campaign by clicking on

Then, once in the campaign editor:



  1. Upload the promotional video you want to display in-stream (this can be an ad or trailer). Warning: it must have been less than 60 seconds
  2. Choose the link you want to redirect to if a viewer click on the promo video (leave blank if you don’t want to redirect your viewers somewhere)
  3. Define the format: this can be a pre-roll (the promo video is played before), a mid-roll (in this case the promo video is played at half your content) or a post-roll (the promo video is played at the end of the content)
  4. Finally, you can add the possibility for a user to skip the promo video, i. e. to add a button to close the promo video. You can allow this button to appear after a delay of your choice:


5. Last step: choose the content to which you want to associate this campaign. All the content you add on the right will have a promotion video inserted

Warning:  there is no notion of advertising capping, the promo formats will be seen systematically whatever the user (no limitation of the number of views).


Finally, you will have access to all the statistics related to your campaigns by clicking on the menu Analysis Reports > Sponsored Content

On click you will download an excel file, summarizing all the information, such as:

  • start date of the campaign
  • end date of the campaign
  • number of views
  • number of completed views
  • cumulative views duration
  • average view duration
  • number of clicks
  • click rate
  • number of skips in the promo video
  • skip rate of the promo video
  • date of last view

(note that the information may take a little while to be updated)

👋 You can test all our “front end” functionalities on our demo platform accessible here: https://demo.okast.tv/