Organize your series to make your viewers experience more addictive!

1. The series list

The feature “Series” is here to help you editorialize your content. It allows you to display your series hierarchically by seasons and episodes.

To create, manage, delete a serie, go to menu > content management > series. All series already created are listed here. You can visualize the number of your series thanks to the  constantly updated.

The search feature  allows you to quickly find the series you are looking for : try to type its name… Only series that include the sequence of characters that you just typed in the search field will be displayed.

The table gives you an overview of each of your series:

  • The name of your series.
  • restriction géographique is displayed if a geographic restriction is enabled.
  •  is displayed if a time restriction is enabled.
  • nombre de langues renseignéesfor the number of translations that you have created. 
  • nombre de saisonsfor the serie’s number of seasons .
  • statut des séries  for the status of the series (like smartlists, they can be activated / scheduled / in draft).
  • éditionto edit your series (clicking on its name also gives access to its parameters).
  • suppressionto delete the series.

To create a new series, click bouton créer


2. Creation/Management page of your series


A. The internal name of the serie on the back office

  • As for a content or a smartlist, you can change the internal name of the series by clicking on édition so you can quickly identify it.


  • You also find the status of the series, and the button toggle to enable / disable it.


B. The languages (translations) of your series page

Enter new languages by clickingnouvelle langue and delete them by clicking . Creating a new language will automatically add new fields for Titles / description / illustrations / etc.


C. Title and friendly URL


  • You can add a title to your series, for each of the languages you have selected previously.
  • The indicator* is there to remind you of the default language of your series.
  • The title will be displayed in 2 locations on your platform :
  • Above the series, within the homepage of your platform:

  • Inside your series page: 


Friendly URL

The friendly URL is automatically generated from the title given to the content with dashes between each month. This URL will be the one of the content on the platform. You can leave this field empty and a URL will be generated. 

For more information on friendly URLs, read our dedicated article.


D. Description

The description will present the series itself.

E. Series images 

Your series images can be displayed to users in 4 different formats. You can either use only one format or upload different custom images for each of the format! Go to “component editor” article to learn more about images formats.


F. Seasons 

You can put a name and a friendly URL to each season you are creating.

  • If your series has several seasons, first select the number, then you will need to fill in a title, a description, illustrations for each one.
  • To add an extra season simply click on to create a new tab.
  • To delete it, click suppression (Warning: this will erase his title, his description, his illustrations, but also the elements related to this season *)

Once your seasons are created, you can modify their number thanks to the fields . This can be useful if there is a season missing from your catalog, or if you want to start by directly creating season 3 or 4 for example.


G. Episodes

Use this module to associate contents (episodes) to the seasons.


  • In the left panel are all the contents of your catalog. You can find them easily thanks to the search bar. In the right panel are the seasons of your series.
  • To add one or multiple episodes to one season, just drag an item from the left panel to the right panel! Organize them according to their season and according to their chronology … By default the element placed at the very top of the list is automatically detected like the 1st episode of the season. Just move the elements to change their timeline
  • To remove one or more episodes from your series, select them and then switch them back to the left pane.
  • You can change the numbering of the episodes thanks to the “pencil” icon:

Do not forget to save to update your changes.


H. Restrictions

You have the possibility to block the access to a serie according to the geographical position of your viewers AND/OR according to time period AND/OR a commercialization period

  • Geographic restriction: enable geographical restrictions on the territories for which serie is allowed or blocked

  • Availability period: set a start and end date or only a start date for a given serie and the content URL will only be available inside of this time window

  • Commercialization window: set a start and end date or only a start date for a given content and the content stream will only be available inside the commercialization window. When the commercialization date is over, the content is no longer accessible on the platform.

NOTE: Don’t put the same windows for the availability period and the commercialization one and be sure that these windows don’t come into conflict. For example, that the availability period is shorter that the commercialization one.


⚠ Warning: For a series to be desplayed on your platform, you must attach it to an active component.