Stripe is our payment partner that allows you to manage all the monetization of your platform, from the management of your users to the invoicing, including financial reports. For the moment, you have the ability to create promotional codes (coupons) only on your subscription offers (products).

Your products

Products are the offers you have set up and configured on your back office.

The name is generated automatically but you can of course edit this name to make this or that offer recognizable on your Stripe account.


Coupons are promotional codes that you can set up from Stripe and that users can enter during checkout.

  • Name: the name of your coupon code, prefer a sequence of numbers and letters in capital letters
  • ID : the ID must be identical to the Name entered before
  • Type : you can choose a percentage discount or a fixed amount
  • Apply to specific products : choose the products on which you want to apply this coupon code

  • Duration: determine the validity period of the promotional code once used
    • Forever
    • Once
    • Multiple months
  • Redemption limits
    • Temporal: indicate the date and time of expiration of the coupon
    • Use: indicate the maximum number of times the coupon can be used
  • Codes : ATTENTION, you don’t have to fill in this part.

You can then create a coupon code and when you go to the checkout of the offer concerned by this coupon code, you can then fill it in: