It is quite common to see  big banners on the home page of streaming platforms in order to:

  • Display a brand banner
  • Highlighting the latest content or playlists
  • Propose promotions or news

Or all 3 at the same time!



Whatever the need, here are the steps to follow to display a banner:


1/ Create a new smartlist, that you can call for example “Banner Home Page”.


2/ In this smartlist add what you want to display on your main banner

  • For contents or smartlists: just add the elements to this smartlist
  • To display a simple image: first create a “display” element (for more info on this subject see this article ), then add this “display element” in the smartlist



3/ Create a component on the home page

From the menu Platform > Layout > Homepage, create a new component that you can call for example “Carroussel Banner Home Page”.

4 / Configure the element

Choose the 16/6 format for image and only 1 visible element. For the other configurations, it’s up to you but here is an example that you can reproduce:


Don’t forget to choose at the very bottom the Home Banner smartlist to display in your component!

There you go, you have a nice banner for your platform. You will then be able to update its content by modifying the elements of your smartlist.