From your back office, you can configure your platform on different aspects.


Go to Platform > Configuration :

User Registration

You can either choose to display the offer page before creating an account or request an account before displaying the offer page.

Player audio/video

You can enable or disable the up/next and mirror modes.

The up/next function allows you to activate the automatic chaining of contents while the mirror mode allows the user to reverse the image from the video player.

Label configuration

You can activate the display of labels on free, live and replay content.

Configuring the number of active sessions

On your platform, you can now limit the number of simultaneous connections to the same user account.

The number of simultaneous sessions ranges from 1 to 5 sessions/connections.

Playlist configuration

You can enable this option of custom playlists for your user. This activation will disable the “My list” feature.

More info on custom playlists in the dedicated article.

Live settings

Here you can enable chat on live content as well as enable the number of users connected to the live. You can also choose moderators for the live chat, moderators just need to have an active account on your platform.

Triggers configuration

This is where you find the different transactional emails sent to your users. You can choose the emails sent to your users by checking or unchecking the box corresponding to each of these transactional emails. For each of these emails you can set up an action via Zapier, a tool you can set up by entering the API key in the corresponding box.

For more info on Zapier, please read our dedicated article.

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