Highlight your artists, rights holders or technical team thanks to the casting page!

To create a casting page on your platform, go to the “Casting” tab of the menu. You will find all created forms and can search, edit, delete or create new.

For each of the casting you create, a dedicated page is generated on your platform:

To start click on the “new casting” button at the bottom left of the screen. The creation / edition page of the casting opens, and you can start fill in all the information…

Like every page of your platform, casting pages can be translated into multiple languages:

  • Add a language = click nouvelle langue and select the language you want.
  • Delete a language = Find the language you want to delete and click . This will delete any translations you have already entered for this language.
  • Change the default language for this casting sheet = check the button located below the default language you want.

1. The internal title of the casting

Give a title to your casting that will be displayed in your back office.


2.  The friendly URL of the casting

The friendly URL is automatically generated from the title given to the content with dashes between each month. This URL will be the one of the content on the platform. You can leave this field empty and a URL will be generated.

For more information on friendly URLs, read our dedicated article.

3. Languages

The languages in which the casting is available.


4. Name 

This is the name that will be displayed of the catsing displayed on your platform. If you use languages that do not have the same alphabet for example, you can enter a different name for different languages. Otherwise, you only have to enter the name in the default language field.


5. Biography

The biography is displayed on the screen of a user only when he goes to the casting page.


6. Illustration

The illustration of a casting sheet requires a format with a 1: 1 ratio and a maximum size of 8 Mo.


7. Filmography / Associated contents

If you have associated a casting with a content (whether as an actor, director, producer, author) the filmography of this cast will be displayed here. To link casting with contents go to the content edition page.


8. Variables 

The variables are linked to the setting of widgets on your platform. For more information, read our dedicated article.


If you want to add castings to your smartlists, click here.