From the menu Analytics > Sales you can follow the activity related to the monetization of your video content on your platform (TVOD, SVOD).

At the very top, you will see a banner with the overview activity of your platform: number of offers created and their type, as well as the number of active users on your platform:


The second widget allows you to follow the evolution of your customers by offer, you have the possibility to follow the activity on a specific offer or on the aggregation of all (if you have several). A pie chart will allow you to compare the number of users per offer (and see which one is the most popular).



The third widget allows you to follow the evolution of your churn (i.e number of unsubscribers) as part of a subscription offer. You will also see a spider chart to analyse the main unsubscription reasons. For more information on this subject, read this article on churn tracking.



You will also be able to track the number of users and subscribers to your offers through the split table:


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