Creating a platform with OKAST allows you to benefit from the expertise of our Research and Development team for your video streaming platform. For example, we have developed the algorithmic content recommendation to give your viewers an awesome experience and increase the overall retention.


Recommandation algorithmique


How the algorithmic video recommendation works?

When a viewer navigates on a video content page, it is possible to display him/her a list of similar content. This feature is optional: you can decide not to enable it on your platform (we will see below how to enable or disable this algorithmic recommendation).

The algorithm we have built takes into account the following parameters:

  • keywords
  • casting
  • classification

Therefore it is essential that these fields and metadata are completed in your OKAST editor interface.  The more keywords you fill in, the more accurate the recommendation will be.


Enable or disable the algorithmic video recommendation

To enable or disable the algorithmic recommendation for your platform viewers it’s very simple: log in to your Publisher portal, then go to the Platform menu > Layout > Content Page.

You can then enable or disable the recommendation.

If you decide to enable it a number of display options you will be offered to configure the “you might like also” carousel:


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