Creating your video platform with OKAST offers many benefits and value-added features to your users. Among these, an advanced search bar is available. With this feature you make it easier for your users to find the content they are looking for.



How the search bar works?

We have developed a search algorithm that allows you to index some parameters in the search for content:

  • keywords
  • content descriptions
  • casting
  • categories
  • genre

Our algorithm takes into account all these parameters to display the most relevant results. It is therefore very important that you fill in these different fields and metadata in the OKAST Editor portal.

We display the following results here:

  • Content
  • Casting
  • Smartlists / playlists

This variety of search offers a greater choice to your users and also allows them to discover content close to their interests.

Obviously we index all the languages that you can offer on your platform and offer a result in the language of your users. Please note, the new information related to each content is indexed daily, it may take up to 24 hours before it is reflected in the search results.


How to use the search bar?

To use the search bar just type a word (keyword, title, actor, director, artist etc…) and we’ll display all content associated:


search bar video platform

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