On OKAST you can offer your viewers access to some trailers. These would allow you to convert users or subscribers who would be interested in your content by giving them a taste of your platform.


1- How to create a “trailer” content?

The trailer is a content like any other on your platform. To create a trailer, go to the Content Management menu > Catalog  and click on the button bouton créer

You can then upload the trailer and fill in all the information and metadata. We recommend that you upload a specific picture for the trailer and specify “trailer” in its internal & external title :

This would allow you :

  • to easily find your trailers in your content management system
  • to notify your viewers when they use the search bar and get a list of content

Important: your trailers must be categorized as free content.

Now, once you have created your trailer,  you need to associate it with the relevant content.


2- How to associate the trailer with existing content?

Once your trailers have been created, go to the content page of the content(s) you want to link with a trailer. Below the duration you will find the “Trailer” field. Select the trailer from the drop-down menu.

Et voilà!

A trailer is now available and accessible from your platform’s content sheet:

trailer OKAST video stremaing platform

?Tips: you can create trailer smartlists to generate engagement and get your customers to view more content:

For any questions, contact us at hello@okast.tv