Your OKAST platform supports Google Analytics tracking and Facebook tracking. What are these trackers? These are tools that will allow you to track users activity on your platform, and thus allow you to optimize your communication and ads budget on Google and Facebook.

  • Facebook: Pixel Facebook is an analysis tool that will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your ads by following the activity of people on your site. It allows you to reach the right people with your ads, drive more sales, measure the impact of your ads. More information here: 

  • Google Analytics: AdWords is a tool that allows you to follow the activity of people who have clicked on one of your ads, and thus help you to better target your ads to the right people. These ads are paid with a PPC (Pay Per Click), and will appear first at the top of Google search pages, on Gmail, on Google’s search engines, and in many other places. More information here: 

Important: For both trackers, you will have to activate the service(s) either on OKAST (to configure them, hace a look to this article) or on Google Analytics and Facebook. In both cases, you will also need to provide the Pixel (Facebook) or ID (Google Analytics).


Sales Process steps 

The two analysis tools will allow you to know how far users have been on your sales funnel : how many have clicked on your ad (potential customers), ow many have start looking at your offers, how many have initiated the checkout etc. on your platform. On OKAST platforms, we distinguish 7 steps.

  1. View Content 

    View Content is when the potential customer accesses your offer page, this is the first step in the purchase process, and that’s usually what most ads are based on. 

  2. AddToCart 

    AddToCart is when the potential customer clicks on one of your offers.

  3. Initiate Checkout 

    Initiate Checkout is when the potential customer arrives on the account creation form.

  4. Complete Registration 

    Complete Registration is when the informations entered are valid and therefore the customer’s account is created.

  5. AddPayment Info 

    AddPaymentInfo is when the payment informations are entered and are validated.

  6. Purchase 

    Purchase is when the payment of the subscription is validated.

  7. Lead 

    Lead is either when the customer has not clicked on “validate payment” or when the payment is declined.



For example, you can decide to target only people who have started filling out the account creation form with your Facebook and AdWords ads. These are “hot” prospects, which will be easier to convert into customers.

You will also be able to calculate the performance of your ads because on Facebook and Adwords, the campaign manager will give you exactly your return on advertising investment (ROAS). For example if you sell subscriptions 10 € and you have invested 5 € in advertising to convert a customer, then your ROAS is 2. Clearly for 1 € invested in advertising that brings you 2 €


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