Are you already familiar with the use of smartlists and with the creation of castings ? It is now possible with OKAST to add castings in your smartlists. How is it working? Let’s talk about it now.

How add castings in smartlists?

When you create a smartlist, you include elements from your library. Previously, you could only add content (hosted video, live or replay, another smartlist, audio playlist, displays or series) to a smartlist. From now on, it is also possible to include castings in a smartlist, in the same way as the other contents mentioned above.

Castings in your smartlists

You will find the different families of elements that you can include in a smartlist. All you have to do is drag and drop or check the elements you want to include in a smartlist. Moreover, if you check elements in a category, you must stay in that category if you want to add them to a smartlist.

What is the consequence on my homepage?


If you want to highlight your content’s castings directly, don’t hesitate to add castings to your smartlists!