It is possible to authorize a “play next content” feature on your platform. This way, your viewers will watch automatically the next content without needing to do anything!

This is how the next content is “chosen” by our system:

  • If the content is in a playlist, then the following content in the playlist is played automatically
  • If the content is in a series, then the next episode is played automatically.
  • If your viewer plays content from the search bar, then the following content in the search results will be played automatically
  • If your viewer is playing a content from a content page, then the content that is considered the most “similar” will be played next (based on our algorithmic recommendation tool).
  • Finally, if your user plays a content from his content list (My List), then the next one on his list will be played automatically

This option is interesting if you want your users to binge view and spend more time on your platform. Be careful though, this can generate more video consumption and therefore more bandwidth costs.

How it works:

1- First of all you have to activate the option from the menu: Platform > Configuration (it is disabled by default)


2- Then, on your platform, a few seconds before the end of the content your viewer will see a panel announcing the next content:


3- If your viewer clicks on this panel, it will automatically launch the next content. Otherwise, at the end of the content currently watched, the next content will be automatically played:


👋 You can test all our “front end” functionalities on our demo platform accessible here:

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