In order to improve the user experience and the withholding of your users, we have developed a new feature: the algorithm of personalized recommendation of content. This algorithm is different from the algorithm of content recommendation and they are based on two distinct methods.

How is working the algorithm of personalized recommendation ?

The contents watched by a user formed his viewing history that is the source of the algorithm of personalized recommendation. From this viewing history of your user, the algorithm will propose content based on the informations and metadata of each content: keywords, genre, casting.

Algorithm of personalized recommandation

This algorithm will so appear on the homepage of your platform under a mosaic or a carrousel.

How activate the algorithm of personalized recommendation?

When you set up your homepage, the components are linked to smartlists you have created or to the automatic smartlists “Resume watching” or “My List”. When editing your components, you can now choose to attach a component to the “Recommended” algorithm.

Personalized recommendation

It is possible to create several components of personalized recommendation that will propose recommendations of different contents. In the list of components on your homepage, the “Recommended” component of the algorithm of personalized recommendation will be represented by the medal icon .

Editing components

In order for the component to be displayed on the homepage, we remind you that :

  • the user must be logged in on your platform
  • each content must contain its own information and metadata, namely in order of importance: keywords, genre and casting

With the algorithm of personalized recommendation, the user experience is improved and unique to each of your users.

For more information on the editing of components, it is here.