How to create a real community through your platform so that your users interact with each other? It is now possible to activate comments on your platform.


Setting up comments from the back office

In Platform > Configuration, you can find the configuration of comments on your platform

  • Activation:
    • you have the possibility to activate the comments on the contents
    • you can also activate comments on the smartlists you have set up
  • Display:
    • you can choose to display only the comments you have validated in the dedicated menu
    • you can choose to display comments to all users, whether they have an account or not
  • Email for reporting : enter here the email that will allow users to report comments

Rendering on the platform

If you have enabled comments on content AND/OR a smartlist, then you will be able to find a comment area at the bottom of this page type.

The icon indicates that the comment has been validated.


  • Comments are sorted in chronological order.
  • The user needs to have an account if he wants to write a comment
  • Each user has the possibility to reply to other comments that have been posted
  • Each user can report a comment if it has not been validated on the back office

  • Each user can “like” posted comments
  • Each user can delete a comment he has posted
  • Each comment is limited to 2000 characters

Users can find the comments posted in a dedicated section on their profile:

They can then find out :

  • the status of their comment, if it has been validated and/or reported
  • the number of “likes” it has received
  • the number of replies it has received


Manage comments from a dedicated menu

From your back office, you can manage all the comments that are posted on your platform. We have created a dedicated menu Community >Comments in order to perform several actions:

  • Validate or delete one or more comments at the same time

The icon indicates that the comment has been validated.

The icon indicates the comments that have been reported.

And for each comment :

  • Contact the user by email
  • Go to the content or to the smartlist where the comment appears
  • Block the user

We also added a new Zapier trigger through the “Comment abuse” event


Contact us at if you have any question.