With OKAST, you can offer free access to some video contents on your platform.

Whether it is full content, footage or a trailer, it is always important to be able to offer your future customers a sample of your platform. Like the free trial period, free contents are a great tool for acquiring new customers and/or subscribers.

How to set up free content on your platform?

To add free content on your platform is very simple. Go to the Content Management menu > Catalog.

You can either create new content or decide to switch existing premium or pay content to free content. For each content you can decide to make it available for free by activating the button at the bottom:

Once activated, your content will be accessible to everyone. Please note: It is not possible to add free content in a paid / premium offer.

?Tips: you can create free content playlists to better editorialize the platform and guide your viewers:



For any question, contact us at hello@okast.tv