4 - Platform / Storefront

Offer free video contents on your platform

With OKAST, you can offer free access to some video contents on your platform. Whether it is full content, footage or a trailer, it is always important to be able to offer your future customers a sample of your platform. Like the free trial period, free contents are a great tool for acquiring new customers […]

Distribute your platform to companies and institutions (B-to-B)

With OKAST it is possible to license your platform in B-to-B. There are many types of B2B customers who may be interested in video streaming platforms: Educational and cultural networks Schools Universities Libraries and media libraries Corporate companies Institutions etc…. If you reach an agreement with such a client, and you have already a B-to-C […]

Create a serie with OKAST

Organize your series to make your viewers experience more addictive! 1. The series list The feature “Series” is here to help you editorialize your content. It allows you to display your series hierarchically by seasons and episodes. To create, manage, delete a serie, go to menu > content management > series. All series already created are […]

The Component Editor

OKAST offers a simple tool to organize and customize the components of your video platform (i.e the design). Note that your platform pages are organized by “components” (carousels or mosaics) that display smartlists. The “platform” menu allows you to configure these components, for each of your pages.   1 – The Home Page This is […]

Add conversion tracking on your OKAST platform (Google and Facebook pixel)

Your OKAST platform supports Google Analytics tracking and Facebook tracking. What are these trackers? These are tools that will allow you to track users activity on your platform, and thus allow you to optimize your communication and ads budget on Google and Facebook. Facebook: Pixel Facebook is an analysis tool that will allow you to […]

Browser compatibility for OKAST platforms

To help you better manage your platforms, we ran some tests on more than one hundred devices and browsers. The list is not exhaustive, if you want to inquire for a particular model, contact us: hello@okast.tv Important: We consider platforms as working, as long as the browsing experience is not impaired (some minor bugs may […]

How to use OKAST Smartlists

OKAST allows (for specific clients) to manage and edit some editorial playlists on your platforms. You can regroup contents or playlists into playslists or categories very easily.  1. The smartlist list  The smartlists menu displays all the smartlists you have created You will see up to 6 indicators next to your smartlist:  indicates a time […]

Images (Formats, Size)

On your OKAST platform you are asked to upload several types of images in the different menus. Note: we automatically generate 3 resolutions for each image you will upload on OKAST: a low definition, an SD definition, and an HD definition. We then display the right format depending on the size of your page (if […]

Customize your streaming video platform (White label)

On OKAST it is possible to customize your video streaming platform to match your brand’s graphic identity. Thanks to the “White Brand” option, you can customize the following elements:   1- Domain name You can customize the URL of your platform and use your own domain name.   2- CSS of the platform You can change […]