4 - Platform / Storefront

Activate a preview on the trailers of your contents

You now have the possibility to activate a video preview on the trailers associated with your free or paid content on your platform. Activation on the back office On your back office, in the configuration of your platform, you can activate this option and thus make a preview possible on your trailers. Rendering on the […]

Editor management: create different accounts for your back office editors

The editors’ management allows you to create different accounts for your back-office users. Each account is associated with a profile in order to define the rights and accesses that you give to a person, to one or several of your projects. You can therefore finely manage access to all or part of the functions of […]

Activate comments on your platform

How to create a real community through your platform so that your users interact with each other? It is now possible to activate comments on your platform.   Setting up comments from the back office In Platform > Configuration, you can find the configuration of comments on your platform Activation: you have the possibility to […]

Set up URL for your mobile applications

Okast allows you to develop your mobile applications on Android and iOS. As on the desktop versions of your platforms, you can set up internal redirection URLs but these applications URLs have a particular configuration so that they can work. The format of the application URL app://XXXX EX: app://playlists/ The different applications URLs available To […]

Create friendly URL for the pages of your platform

A “friendly URL” is a URL that is easy to read and includes words that describe the content of a page. Setting up this type of URL is “friendly” in two ways: by helping visitors navigate your site and by helping describe the page to search engines. You can now create them for the pages […]

Put widgets on your platform

Widgets are new types of components that you can now set up from your back office.  What is a widget, where and how to set it up? What is a widget? A widget is an interactive tool that will allow, for example, to display information or entertainment or to give access to different services (articles, […]

Configuration of your platform: labels, playlists, triggers, recording, etc.

From your back office, you can configure your platform on different aspects.   Go to Platform > Configuration : User Registration You can either choose to display the offer page before creating an account or request an account before displaying the offer page. Player audio/video You can enable or disable the up/next and mirror modes. […]

Create and import users from your back office

Your users have different ways to register to your platform and to subscribe to your offers. It is possible to create or import users directly from your back office. Go to Analysis reports > Users then in the dahsboard listing your different users, you have the choice between “Create a user” and “Users import” : […]

Add castings in smartlists with OKAST

Are you already familiar with the use of smartlists and with the creation of castings ? It is now possible with OKAST to add castings in your smartlists. How is it working? Let’s talk about it now. How add castings in smartlists? When you create a smartlist, you include elements from your library. Previously, you […]