4 - Platform / Storefront

Create and moderate an interactive chat during live streaming

When you launch a live stream, you have the possibility to display an interactive chat module where your users will be able to interact: comment, ask questions, send emojis etc… This feature is only available for customers with the Live Streaming RTMP option (available from Start plans). Note: your users will only be able to […]

Configure the label display (free, live) on your platform

On your platform, you can decide to display (or not) tags to mark contents as Free and also to identify your Live Streams: Within the components (carousel or mosaics) on the home page, smart list page, and content pages (nota: the labels are not displayed on series pages or audio playlist pages)   Nota: Live […]

Allow your users to create their own custom playlists

On your platform, you can offer value-added features to your users, such as allowing them to create their own content(s) list(s). You have actually 2 options: 1/ My List: this option is available to all OKAST customers and allows users to add content to a single list (My List).  For more information, you can consult […]

Create an audio playlist

To create a new audio playlist, go to the menu Content Management > Audio playlists  Choose a title, a description (optional) and an image. PLEASE NOTE: on an audio playlist page, only the square format (1:1) is displayed (see below). Then select the audio content on the left panel to create your own playlist of […]

Customize your platform URL

You already have a domain name or a website (or you are about to buy one) and you would like your OKAST platform to be integrated as a sub-domain? Example: you have a website https://productions.com and you have created a website on OKAST https://nomdevotreprojet.okast.tv You wish to host your video or music platform on your […]

How to configure your smartlist page

You can configure the design of your smartlist page. Warning: for consistency reasons, the configuration will be the same for all your smartlist pages within your platform. So be sure to choose a format suitable for all your pages! Go to Platform > Layout > smartlist page You will be able to choose the type […]

Set up Facebook Login for your platform (login or register via Facebook account)

Facebook Connect allows your users to log in or create an account in 1 click via their Facebook account.   To set up a Facebook login button on your platform, follow these steps:   1/ Create an account on https://developers.facebook.com/  Then click on the “Start” button:     At the end of the process, click […]

Set up the registration funnel for users

On OKAST you can choose the way your users can register on the platform. On your platform header, there are 2 buttons on the “user profile” section: A login button (for your users who already have an account created): “Sign in” The main action button: it allows you to redirect your users either to your […]

Add smartlists in the header of your platform

You can add shortcuts to content or playlists in the header of your platform:   Go to menu Platform > Layout > Header & Footer Click on and add “Categories”, you can choose the location of this menu (left, right or middle) by moving it with your mouse. To configure the header menu click on […]