5 - Promotion & Marketing

Embed videos on external websites (player export)

You can now embed your platform video player into third-party websites by adding an HTML code. Warning: this only works for free content To obtain this iframe code, go to the Content Management menu > Catalog Then move your mouse over “Date of modification”, you will see the button appear     By clicking on […]

Gifts management

Let users who love your platform share their passion with their family and friends! As soon as your SVOD offers are active, users can offer gift access to the person of their choice! You can activate this option at your convenience on your platform. By default it is activated, if you do not want to […]

Personalize the transactional emails on your platform

On your OKAST platform you can send transactional (automatic) emails to your users according to their actions (subscription, password reset, payment confirmation etc.). Today, you can customize them according to your identity and your platform.   Templates of the transactional emails If you have subscribed to the “customization” feature for your platform, you can customize […]

Free Access editor (Free copies)

OKAST allows you to offer “Free Access” for your platform (for one or all of your contents) to people of your choice (influencers / journalists / friends / etc.). To manage your free accesses, go to the “Free Access” menu of your editor. Two actions are possible: create free access or manage already sent ones […]