5 - Promotion & Marketing

Using Zapier To Connect OKAST To Thousands Of Third Party Applications

Zapier is a solution that makes it easy to connect tools together. The interest is to create automated processes in a few clicks. Zapier supports more than 3000 software, including the most used like Google suite, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Stripe, SalesForce, Slack, etc… OKAST now supports automation via Zapier and you can automate some manual and […]

Video & Display Sponsoring features: details and examples of use

On your streaming platform or application, you can add sponsoring or self-promotion elements. This can be done:   1/ Clickable images => Display sponsoring    Examples of use: highlighting a sponsor that appears via clickable banners on your platform (logo, products) promote your services or products on an external site (e-commerce store) highlight your mobile […]

Inform your users of the latest news through web notifications (Beamer)

You can add a notification icon to display the latest news to your customers. This appears as an icon within the header of your platform. When there is a new program  or new feature, you can push notification and when your users click on it, a vertical banner opens to show the latest news:   […]

Create a sponsorship or a self-promotion campaign

We have created the “sponsorship” mode to allow you to broadcast promotional formats before, during and after your video content. These short formats (less than 60 seconds) allow you to upload promotional videos with clickable links. They are particularly useful for: Sponsorship agreements with a brand. You can then broadcast advertising content before, during or […]

Grow your audience through affiliation (Tapfiliate)

OKAST is fully integrated with the tapfiliate solution Use the power of affiliation to promote your content and reward your community. To do this, follow the following steps: 1- Create an account on tapfiliate 2- Get the account ID and add it to the field in the OKAST configuration platform page    3- Create a […]

How to add Google Tag Manager in OKAST

To add Google Tag Manager into your OKAST platform, you will need first to create an account here: https://tagmanager.google.com/#/admin/accounts/create    for the container name, use the okast url of your platform Then you will get a message with a script to install, dismiss the message. Once it’s done, you will see on your dashboard your […]

Embed videos on external websites (player export)

You can now embed your platform video player into third-party websites by adding an HTML code. Warning: this only works for free content To obtain this iframe code, go to the Content Management menu > Catalogue Then move your mouse over “Date of modification”, you will see the button appear     By clicking on […]

Gifts management

Let users who love your platform share their passion with their family and friends! As soon as your SVOD offers are active, users can offer gift access to the person of their choice! You can activate this option at your convenience on your platform. By default it is activated, if you do not want to […]

Personalize your transactional emails (White label)

On your OKAST platform you can send transactional (automatic) emails to your users according to their actions (subscription, password reset, payment confirmation etc.). Today there are 9 different emails listed below as well as the action that triggers them. These templates will be used by default if you are not a “White label” customer. If […]