9 - Viewer & customer Experience

Create friendly URL for the pages of your platform

A “friendly URL” is a URL that is easy to read and includes words that describe the content of a page. Setting up this type of URL is “friendly” in two ways: by helping visitors navigate your site and by helping describe the page to search engines. You can now create them for the pages […]

Put widgets on your platform

Widgets are new types of components that you can now set up from your back office.  What is a widget, where and how to set it up? What is a widget? A widget is an interactive tool that will allow, for example, to display information or entertainment or to give access to different services (articles, […]

Create and manage push notifications on your platform

Push notifications are important traffic drivers on your platform and improve the user experience. How to create and manage push notifications with Okast? We explain everything in this article.   Okast has established a partnership with Wonderpush so that you can offer your users to activate push notifications. This functionality, which you control from your […]

Our recommendations on connection speed and video quality

How do you optimize video playing on your platform? By adjusting your connection speed with the video quality. Below you can find the recommended download speeds to watch streaming videos in the best quality: 0.5 megabits per second: required connection speed (240p) 1.5 megabits per second: recommended connection speed (480p) 3 megabits per second: recommended […]

Activate the algorithm of personalized recommendation

In order to improve the user experience and the withholding of your users, we have developed a new feature: the algorithm of personalized recommendation of content. This algorithm is different from the algorithm of content recommendation and they are based on two distinct methods. How is working the algorithm of personalized recommendation ? The contents […]

Viewing History

A user wants to rewatch a content that he really liked last week but he can’t remember which content it was. It is now possible for him to get help from his viewing history! How find his viewing history? When the user accesses the profile section of your platform, he can find his password, personal […]

The “dialog” box on the components (mosaics and carroussels)

We have optimized the dialog on your page components to make it more dynamic and modern. The dialog is a display option that allows your viewers to have more information about your content without having to click on it to open the content page. By holding the mouse over the content a bit, the content […]

Customize the sign up fields of your platform

You have the ability to customize a user’s sign up page to your platform. Here is an overview of the customization features of the registration page (sign up page) to your offers! On your OKAST platform, by default the sign up page displays the following fields: First name Lasy name Email address A strong password […]

Create and moderate an interactive chat during live streaming

When you launch a live stream, you have the possibility to display an interactive chat module where your users will be able to interact: comment, ask questions, send emojis etc… This feature is only available for customers with the Live Streaming RTMP option (available from Start plans). Note: your users will only be able to […]