9 - Viewer & customer Experience

Create and moderate an interactive chat during live streaming

When you launch a live stream, you have the possibility to display an interactive chat module where your users will be able to interact: comment, ask questions, send emojis etc… This feature is only available for customers with the Live Streaming RTMP option (available from Start plans). Note: your users will only be able to […]

Allow your users to create their own custom playlists

On your platform, you can offer value-added features to your users, such as allowing them to create their own content(s) list(s). You have actually 2 options: 1/ My List: this option is available to all OKAST customers and allows users to add content to a single list (My List).  For more information, you can consult […]

Activate the “play next” feature on your platform

It is possible to authorize a “play next content” feature on your platform. This way, your viewers will watch automatically the next content without needing to do anything! This is how the next content is “chosen” by our system: If the content is in a playlist, then the following content in the playlist is played […]

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in your customer payment flow

The new European directive on online payments introduces the notion of strong customer authentication (SCA) when you process with an online transaction (more info on our blog article on strong authentication for VOD services). When you start an online payment, there will now be a two-factor authentication system, which will differ according to the banking […]

Thumbnails: a preview of your content within the video player

On your OKAST platform, when encoding your video content, we automatically generate thumbnails (images) from your content throughout the process:     Your viewers can now get an overview of the video content with a simple mouse over within the progress bar of the video player:     Quite convenient when your viewers want to […]

Algorithmic video recommendation

Creating a platform with OKAST allows you to benefit from the expertise of our Research and Development team for your video streaming platform. For example, we have developed the algorithmic content recommendation to give your viewers an awesome experience and increase the overall retention.     How the algorithmic video recommendation works? When a viewer […]

Advanced search bar features on your video platform

Creating your video platform with OKAST offers many benefits and value-added features to your users. Among these, an advanced search bar is available. With this feature you make it easier for your users to find the content they are looking for.     How the search bar works? We have developed a search algorithm that […]

Browser compatibility for OKAST platforms

To help you better manage your platforms, we ran some tests on more than one hundred devices and browsers. The list is not exhaustive, if you want to inquire for a particular model, contact us: hello@okast.tv Important: We consider platforms as working, as long as the browsing experience is not impaired (some minor bugs may […]